Ribbon Game

Welcome to the Ribbon Game at Causeacon! It’s like a scavenger hunt where attendees can trade, swap, earn and collect ribbons to wear on their weekend badges. It’s a great way to meet new people and while having fun!
Here are the rules for the Ribbon Game at Causeacon:
  • Please throw the paper strips in a trash can. Do not leave trash lying around the convention center. 
  • Be polite when you are passing out ribbons or if you are collecting them. Not everyone is going to want to freely give their ribbons to just anyone.
  • Passing out ribbons is a free event, you can not charge currency for them. That includes asking for attendees to make a purchase from vendor or artist booths to earn a ribbon. You can trade them, give them away or make a “challenge” such as answering trivia or doing a funny pose or trading another ribbon. Come up with something fun as a challenge!
  • Ribbons must follow our Causeacon convention and cosplay guidelines. We are a family-friendly convention so If you are found wearing a ribbon that goes against our policies, you may be asked to remove it.
  • No sales or advertisements for your business. Again, this is an entertainment based event and should be free for anyone to participate. YOU CAN NOT SELL RIBBONS AT YOUR TABLE!

To order your own ribbons to pass out, check out our Causeacon Fan Page post HERE!