Nerdy Walking Club

Come join the Nerdy Walking Club where we spend an hour each week out in nature enjoying the weather, walking and talking about our favorite fandoms. This club is meant for those who want to add a little exercise to their routine in a fun and inclusive way by gaining experience points and levels! All are welcome to join! We will be meeting every Monday from May 6th – August 5th at 6 PM at the gazeebo next to the playground at Little Beaver State Park. We will be adding a channel in our Discord server called “Nerdy Walking Club” as well as add the event on the BAND app under Causeacon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need to sign up, but you can give us a heads up that you’re coming!

Comfortable shoes and clothes for walking and a water bottle. It might be a good idea to apply sunscreen or bug spray depending on the weather.

We will be walking the loop trail which goes around the lake and is approximately 1.1 miles.

No, you can come only when you want to. However, the more you come and participate, the more experience points and level you can gain for the 2024 season!

Yes! If you want to walk more than at our Monday meet ups, you can keep track of your own miles walked through an app tracker on your smart phone. Send us a screenshot of your miles for the day/week and we will add them to your stats and club cards which get updated every week. You can submit the screen shot through Facebook Messenger, Email ( or Discord.

How the leveling works with the club is as follows: We walk laps around Little Beaver Lake which is about 1.1 miles. WIth our leveling system, everyone starts at level 0 and you gain experience by walking:

1 lap around the lake = 1.1 miles total

+ 1 lap (1.1 miles total) = Level 1
+ 2 additional (3.3 miles total) = Level 2
+ 3 additional (6.6 miles total) = Level 3
+ 4 additional laps (11 miles total) = Level 4
+ 5 additional laps (16.5 miles total)

Once you hit level 5, you prestiege and get a star on your club card! If you want to follow along with the club at home/virtually because you can’t meet with us on Mondays, submit a screen shot of any walking tracker to our facebook, discord or email and we will add your stats to our list. We will ask for some additional information to add to your club card which will be updated on the Causeacon website every week!

We will assess the weather leading up to the 6 PM meet up time. We won’t walk during thunderstorms, but we will walk in light rain. Just bring a rain jacket, poncho or umbrella!

While we encourage all ages to join us for the walking club, it is important to remember that there are some uneven spots (rocks and roots from trees) as well as a small incline and stone steps to walk down. Please use your own discretion if you have any restrictions. We can also modify the walking trail for those who need assistance.

Desiree Christian (Causeacon Event Organizer) and Kenneth Weaver (Causeacon Events Staff)

As someone who has struggled my whole life with my weight and exercise, I wanted to start doing something good for my health. So, why not invite others who feel the same to join me? – Dezi

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