Vendor’s Room

Welcome to our Causeacon Vendor Room!

Here in our Vendor’s Room we have all sorts of dealers selling everything that you could hope for! We have vendor’s selling video games, comics, costumes, figurines, toys, posters, wall scrolls, manga, anime, hats, t-shirts, collectables, trading cards, and so much more.
Some booths are even having raffles where you can win prizes!

Hours of Vendor’s Room

April 29th, 2022     11 AM – 7 PM
April 30th, 2022      11 AM – 7 PM
May 1st, 2022      11 AM – 5 PM
(VIP GOLD get in at 10 AM each day)

Vendor Applications for Causeacon 2022 are now open:




Causeacon 2022 Vendor Room List