Friday Night’s premier event is the Formal Cosplay Ball where you and all of your friends get to dress in your finest and waltz the night away. The dress code for this event is formal, but that doesn’t mean you have to rent a tuxedo! You may attend the Ball in your cosplay best as long as they are “dressed up”. You can wear your prom dress, a kimono, dress pants and dress shirts or even dress as Dead Pool, as long as he’s wearing a top hat and bow tie! No casual clothes or shoes permitted.


Get ready to dance the night away with Saturday Night’s Galactic Rave! Techno beats fill the dance floor as you grab your glow sticks and break into a sweat! Don’t miss out on this epic night of non-stop dancing till midnight!

Cosplay Masquerade


Are you ready to show of your cosplay skills? Join us for the Cosplay Masquerade where you get to let everyone see your awesome cosplays live on stage! The competition for the masquerade is optional so you can shwo off your costume without being judged!

Game Shows


 Win some great prizes at the Otaku Bingo game show! Prizes have been donated by several of our sponsors.  Spaces are limited so get there early!



Cosplay Speed Dating

Ever wanted to go on a date with Samus Aran? How about Deadpool? Well now’s your chance in this wacky dating game show!


Finish the Lyrics: Disney Edition

It’s time to finish your favorite Disney songs in this intense singing competition. Will you be crowned the King or Queen of Disney?