Video Game Room

Our Video Gaming Room will be open all hours of the convention, so you will be able to play to your hearts content. We will be hosting several Gaming Tournaments and Mini Matches in the game room that will be announced very soon. Players may bring their own controllers and will need to check them in at the door of the Video Game Room.


Causeacon 2023 Video Game Tournaments

Friday, April 28th, 2023
Gang Beats – 2 PM
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) – 4:30 PM
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Doubles (Nintendo Switch) – 8 PM

Saturday, April 29th, 2023
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1v1 (Nintendo Switch) – 1 PM
Mortal Kombat 11 (Xbox One) – 6 PM
Injustice 2 (Xbox One) – 9 PM

Sunday, April 30th, 2023
The Show: Homerun Tournament (Xbox One) – 11 AM
Rocket League (Xbox One) – 2 PM

Tournament Rules

Gang Beasts – Friday @ 2 PM (2 hours)

  • First player to 3 wins
  • 4 players – Top 1 Advance
  • Melee – 5 wins – Random Stage
  • Finals – Soccer mode – First to 5 goals

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Friday @ 4:30 PM (3 hours)

  • Players will compete 1v1 (up to 4 players), single elimination
  • Players will have 2 minutes to select their player and kart
  • Levels will be randomly selected, 200 CC
  • Best of 3 races, top 2 move on
  • If odd number of competitors, assign a random bye per round (a single competitor cannot be assigned more than one bye per tournament)
  • Character Restrictions: Players will not be allowed to use any of the gold plated variants (include Gold Mario, the gold kart, glider or wheels)

Smash Ultimate – Switch

Doubles – Friday @ 8 PM (3 hours); 1v1 – Saturday @ 1 PM (4 hours)

General Rules 

    • Custom Balance: Off
    • Damage Handicap: Off
  • Double Elimination (Doubles & 1v1)
    • FS Meter: Off
    • Handicap: Off
    • Hazard Toggle: Off
    • Items: Off
    • Launch Rate: 1.0x
    • Mii: All moveset combination are legal
    • Pause: Off
    • Sets are best of 3 games. (Top 8 will be best of 5 games)
    • Show Damage: Yes
    • Spirits: Off
    • Stage Hazards: Off
    • Stage Morph: Off
    • Stage Selection: Loser’s Pick
    • Stock: 3 for Singles and Doubles
  • Team Attack: On (Doubles)
  • Timer: 5 minutes for Singles and 8 minutes Doubles
  • Underdog Boost: Off

Stage list

  • Battlefield
  • Small Battlefield 
  • Final Destination
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Smashville
  • Kalos Pokemon League
  • Town & City
  • Yoshi’s Island
  • Dreamland 64

Note: All Omega and Battlefield variations are allowed. However, if a player wins on Battlefield, they cannot choose a Battlefield variation during the same set. Same applies for Omega/Final Destination. See note below.

Set Procedure

  1. Use the stage list to determine the first stage. If players agree upon the first stage, procedure continues. If not, players play a best-of-1 Rock-Paper-Scissors, and the winner chooses the first stage.
  2. Players select their characters. 
  3. The players play the first game of the set
  4. The losing player/team of the preceding game picks a stage for the next game.

      Note: A player/team may not pick any stage they previously won on during the set.

  1. The winning player/team of the preceding game may choose to change characters.
  2. The losing player/team of the preceding game may choose to change characters.
  3. The next game is played.
  4. Repeat Steps 4 through 8 for all subsequent games until the set is complete.

Pausing and the Home Button
Pause setting is to be set to off. However, if it is not, pausing is only legal while either player remains upon their OWN respawn platform, and only for the purpose of summoning a tournament official or in the case of a controller malfunction. All other pauses will incur a stock loss to the player who pauses the game. If the pause causes the opponent to lose a stock, the pausing player receives a game loss. This rule also applies to controllers which cause the game to revert to the Switch home screen.

Stalling, or intentionally making the game unplayable, is banned and at the discretion of tournament staff. Stalling includes but is not limited to becoming invisible, continuing infinites past 300%, and reaching a position that your opponent can never reach you. Stalling will result in a forfeit of the game for the player that initiated the action.

Controller Disconnects

If a player’s controller becomes disconnected for any reason other than outside interference (for example, if a player walks by a setup and accidentally trips on a cord and unplugs it), it counts as if the player paused the game and follows the same penalties. (An example would be a pro controller battery dying mid set). 

Self-Destruct Moves
If a game ends with a self-destruct move (Example: Ganondorf Side-B), the results screen will determine the winner. If a sudden death occurs, standard sudden death rules apply.

Sudden Death
If a game goes to Sudden Death (time expires), the winner is determined by stocks and percentage at the time the game ends. If both players are tied in stocks the player with the lower percentage is the winner. In the event of a percentage tie, or a game in which both players lose their last stock simultaneously, a 1 stock tiebreaker will be played with a 3 minute time limit. The results of an in-game 300% Sudden Death do not count. If Sudden Death occurs in a Sudden Death game, this process is repeated.

Warm-up periods, button checks, and “handwarmers” may not exceed 30 seconds on the game clock.

Anyone who is not present for their set by 15 minutes past the scheduled start time is subject to a total disqualification from the event.

Games or sets are not to be replayed due to a misinterpretation of the rules OR misconfiguration of game settings. Game settings should be configured according to the “General Rules” section. It is the players’ responsibilities to ask the TO for any clarification of the rule set in the event of a disagreement, and the outcome of a game or set will not be changed after the fact unless under extreme circumstances, judgment reserved for tournament staff.

Final Rulings
If any unforeseen situations occur, judgment of Tournament Staff is final. Rules may be altered between phases of a tournament in the best interests of the event. (Example: A game breaking glitch is discovered on a stage mid tournament that could be exploited. Thus, the stage may need to be removed from legal play for the remainder of the event.)

Any controller will be supported that does not use a macro or turbo function, which includes but is not limited to: Nintendo Gamecube controller, Switch Pro Controller, Joy-cons (single or double), USB wired controllers licensed by Nintendo, Smashbox or other box controllers, or any controller that can be connected via dongle (such as a PS4 controller).

Coaching Violations
Coaching is defined as an attempt to give advice to any player during a tournament set. Coaching is not permitted during the duration of a tournament set, whether during a game or in-between games in a set. 

  • 1 warning will be given. After 1st warning, immediate disqualification.

Cheering vs. coaching

  • Cheering – Nondescript statements such as “Let’s go!”, “you got this!”, or “mess them up!”. These are not violations. These are not seen as coaching violations, as they do not qualify as advice that can be applied to gameplay.
  • Coaching violation – Specific statements pointing out habits, specific options, or timings such as “Watch for his neutral getup!,” “His waft is almost ready!” or “He keeps rolling!”

Extra Rules for Doubles

  • Stock Sharing
    Taking a partner’s stock is allowed in Doubles.

  • “Grab and Go” Clause
    In Doubles, players may not switch controllers with their teammate.

  • Missing Teammate Clause
    If a player’s teammate is not present for a game, the match may not continue until their teammate arrives. They may not play a 2v1 or play with a CPU. 


Mortal Kombat 11  – Saturday @ 6:00 PM (2 hours)

  • Mode: 1v1
  • Player seeding: Random
  • Best of 3 (Best of 5 for Finals)
  • Double Elimination
  • Time Limit: 90 seconds
  • Arena Select: Off
  • Interactables: On
  • All characters are allowed, including DLC characters
  • Winner must keep character; Loser may switch character
  • Variations: Tournament Mode Variations and Tournament Mode Kustom Variations
  • Control Setting: any controller function such as rapid pressing (turbo) or hardware-based macros are not allowed during the Tournament

Injustice 2  – Saturday @ 9:00 PM (2 hours)

  • Mode: 1v1
  • Player seeding: Random
  • Best of 3 (Best of 5 for Finals)
  • Double Elimination
  • Game Timer: 240 seconds
  • Competitive Mode: Enabled
  • Stage: Each player must choose random select
  • Stage Interactables: On
  • All characters are allowed, including Blind Pick
  • Winner must keep character; Loser may switch character

Stage Rotation

Players may select the stage of their choice. Injustice 2 will randomly choose the stage between two alternate choices.


The Show 22 Homerun Derby – Sunday @ 11:00 AM (2 hours)

Ruleset coming soon!

Rocket League – Sunday @ 2PM (2 hours)

  • 1v1, single elimination
  • 2-minute customization time (Car and Buttons)
  • 5-minute match, split screen
  • If odd number of competitors, assign a random bye per round (a single competitor cannot be assigned more than one bye per tournament)