Welcome to the Volunteer page!

Did you know that you can volunteer at Causeacon and earn a free weekend badge? It takes a lot of people to put Causeacon together and our staff sometimes need help to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here’s where Causeacon fans, like yourself, can help us out!


What do volunteers do?

Volunteers at Causeacon help with a lot of different moving parts during the weekend. It can be anything from running the videos in the screening room to helping set up for big events like the Galactic Rave. Here are some of the positions we’re looking to fill:

  • Badge Check Points
  • Large Event Setup
  • Screening Room
  • Security Blockade


How do I get a free badge?

To get a free badge for Causeacon 2018 you must sign up and complete 15 volunteer hours during the entire weekend (April 27th – 29th). Here is the process:

  • Purchase a Weekend Badge
  • Sign up to be a volunteer
  • Schedule in 15 or more hours on our 2018 Volunteer Schedule
  • Complete all 15 or more hours during Causeacon, April 27th – 29th
    • Report every hour your volunteer to the Volunteer Coordinator
  • After completing 15 hours or more, the Volunteer Coordinator will give you a Volunteer Voucher
  • Turn the Volunteer Voucher in to the Registration Desk and they will reimburse you for your time volunteered
  • Report

How do I become a Volunteer?

The Volunteer Applications will open in 2018. When it opens, fill out the application below and submit. Our Volunteer Coordinator will review your application. Spots are limited and we can not take everyone, but we appreciate that everyone wants to help out at Causeacon.


Why do you want to volunteer at Causeacon?*
Have you had any experience in a volunteer setting?:
I understand that I must volunteer 15 hours of my time at Causeacon, 2018 and that I will only be reimbursed after those hours are complete.*

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You must be 18 years or older to be a volunteer at Causeacon.

Can I purchase a V.I.P. Gold Package ($55) and be reimbursed if I volunteer 15 hours?

Unfortunately the answer is no. We only have a limited supply of these packages so if you wish to purchase one you may but, you will not be reimbursed if you volunteer.

If I Pre-register online for a weekend pass for $25, then volunteer for 15 hours at Causeacon, do I get $30 dollars back?

No, you get reimbursed what you spent on your badge, not how much the badge is worth. We have records of online and on-site purchases so we will look to see how much you paid for your badge and that is how much you will get back.

What if I volunteered 14 hours but had to miss the last hour due to unforeseen circumstances?

The guideline clearly states you must volunteer 15 hours before you get reimbursement.