Welcome to the Volunteer page!

Did you know that you can volunteer at Causeacon and earn a free weekend badge? It takes a lot of people to put Causeacon together and our staff sometimes need help to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here’s where Causeacon fans, like yourself, can help us out! Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older during the event of Causeacon to volunteer.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers are a big help to Causeacon that keep the event functioning smoothly. They help with our two badge check stations and assist with checking attendee wristband and badges for event entry and vendor room entry for VIP times. Occasionally, volunteers get pulled to assist with some of the larger event set ups as well such as the Galactic Rave or the Dog Pawsplay Show.

How do I get a free badge?

To get a free badge for Causeacon 2024 you must sign up and complete 12 or more volunteer hours during the entire weekend (April 28th – April 30th). Here is the process:

  • Purchase a Weekend Badge
  • Apply to be a volunteer
  • Once accepted into our program, you will schedule in 12 or more hours on our 2024 Volunteer Schedule
  • Complete 12 or more hours during Causeacon®, April 26th – April 28th 2024
    • Report every hour your volunteer to the Volunteer Coordinator (Chuck Gray) After completing 12 hours or more, the Volunteer Coordinator will give you a Volunteer Voucher.
  • Turn the Volunteer Voucher in to the Registration Desk and they will reimburse you for your volunteered time.
    • 12 Hours – receive compensation for purchased weekend badge
    • 15 hours – receive compensation for purchased weekend badge + Causeacon 2024 t-shirt
  • Volunteers will also receive lunch/dinner (depending on volunteer hour sign up).

We have concluded applications for our Volunteer positions for Causeacon 2023, thank you to all who applied!