Cosplay Contest

Causeacon® Cosplay Contest

Cosplay Contest Rules

Welcome to the Causeacon 2020 Cosplay Contest!

While we make every effort to have the complete and final rules published, we may need to make adjustments or modifications to the rules at any time to improve the clarity of the rules or the operation of the cosplay events.

Judging Divisions:

  • Kids: This category is for kids 12 and under, costumes can be bought or hand made, though you get more points for hand made.
  • Inexperienced: If this is your first Cosplay experience or you have never won a Cosplay award, this is your division. 75% of your costume should be hand made.
  • Experienced: If you have ever won a Cosplay award or your cosplay skill is above what is considered inexperienced you’re in the right place. 75% of your costume should be hand made. If your costume has won more than 2 awards at conventions it is not eligible for this contest.
  • Judge’s Pick (best in show): The judge’s will pick their favorite cosplay over all of the participants.

Each contestant will be judged on the following categories:

  • Accuracy (how accurate your costume is to it’s original image)
  • Creativeness (how creatively you constructed your costume)
  • Craftsmanship (How much of your costume you created/altered yourself)
  • Polished (Having clean seams, paint job and having an overall polished look)

If you are uncertain which division is best for your entry, our staff can assist you!

Please remember we do not supply participants with any of the following: make-up, make-up applicators and/or removers, paint, etc. Please come to the convention with everything you need to complete and/or assemble your cosplay.

Cosplay Contest Rules

  • All Cosplay participants must be registered attendees of the convention.
  • The same costume CAN NOT win more than once at Causeacon.
  • Staff members are not eligible to win in any category, though they can earn honorable mentions / “shout outs”.
  • Contestants will walk on stage when announced and have 6 seconds to pose for pictures and move on.
  • NO blatant nudity/adult related content. This event is rated PG, and we are a family-friendly convention. Please use some discretion with your character, props and presentation.
  • The following may not be worn for competition in inexperienced or experienced workmanship division: purchased costumes or rented costumes. You can wear them on stage just to show them off but you cannot win any awards.
  • Youth participants under the age of 12 may be accompanied by an adult (with a purchased ticket/badge).
  • Your entry must be finished before you get to the line-up hallway. No sewing, gluing, spray painting, welding, or other construction work is allowed backstage. However, final assembly of large pieces and/or props and unexpected repairs will be allowed.
  • Participants will be required to sign a liability release and a release for use of video and photo images.
  • All contestants must be able to move their costume on their own. So please no 80 lb wings or giant mecha unless you can walk up stairs in it.
  • People can only enter as part of one costume our group. If a person has made multiple costumes, they must be entered as a group, otherwise you must select only one to compete in the Workmanship contest.
  • If your costume is made almost entirely by someone else, they must be present to win in workmanship and the prize will go to them.
  • It’s okay for entrants in the inexperienced category to have help from a relative/friend, but they should have made most of the costume themselves. The helper does not need to be present, but the contestant must be honest with judges about the extent of the involvement anyone else had in the construction of their costume. Experienced category contestants are expected to make their costumes.
  • Audience members are not allowed to run up to the stage area for any reason.
  • Audience members should be courteous and respectful. Please do not boo or shout negative things to cosplay contestants.
  • The cosplay director and judges have the right to change your division to a higher division to create a fair competition. Consider this an honor.

The Cosplay Director or judges have the right to eliminate any entry from the competition on the basis of taste, danger to the audience, building or yourself, violation of any of the above rules, or any other reason deemed sufficient.

Release Forms

All participants will be required to sign a permission/release/waiver form to participate in the contest.

Minors under 18 years of age may participate in the Cosplay Contest only if a permission/release form signed by the minor’s legal guardian is provided. We highly encourage you to print out and sign the appropriate form(s) and bring them to check-in to expedite the process.

Important! Forms will be collected when you check in for the judging portion of the contest. This is the only time we will accept waivers. If signed waiver forms are not present, we will not check you in.

Causeacon Cosplay Contest Adult Waiver 2020

Causeacon Cosplay Contest Child Waiver 2020

Cosplay Contest Applications

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What is series/game is your character from?*
Description of Cosplay:*
I understand and comply that my costume will follow the guidelines and rules referring to cosplay set by Causeacon.*