Fandom Cooking

Come and learn some awesome recipes from your favorite fandoms! Learn to cook meals inspired by Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and so much more!

Cosplay Speed Dating

Have you ever wanted to go on a date with Samus Aran? How about Deadpool? Well now is your chance in this one-of-a-kind game show that will have you laughing out of your chair. How to play? It’s simple! Contestants sit gender opposites, boys on one side and girls on the other. Come dressed as any character you want to participate but, there is a catch: If you dress as a girl you sit on the girl side, if dress as a boy you sit on the boys side, regardless of your actual gender! You’ll have 2 minutes to go on a “date” with your opposite and then you rotate. After a few rounds 3 lucky couples will be selected for the bonus date round, where you might win our ultimate prize!


What Do You Meme? (17+ Panel)

Think you know your memes? Come join us for the card version of “What Do You Meme” and make our judges laugh! This panel is rated 17+ for use of adult language.


Finish The Lyrics: Disney Edition

It’s time to test those Disney lyric skills in this entertaining musical competition. Competitors will be given random Disney songs from three categories: easy, medium and hard. The song will start with the lyrics on the screen and then will suddenly drop out at any time and you have to finish the lyrics. Pass the first 3 rounds and move on to the grand finally round. Will you be crowned King or Queen of Disney?

Causestuck: A Homestuck Panel

A Homestuck themed panel party! We will have discussions about Homestuck, mini games (pass the scalemate, charades, fan:impersonate that character, musical chairs), music, prizes, faygo cupcakes and more. Come if you like Homestuck, hate it or just have nowhere else to go, everyone is welcome!



Did you send a picture of your “bleep bleep”? Did you get a picture of their “bleep bleep”? What do you do?


Alfie’s Quick Draw

Join Pop Culture Artist J.R. Earls in this fun quick drawing panel. You get to choose what he draws, the sillier the better! Is there anything this man cannot draw?



Bullying has now become viral. We are constantly locked on to our social medias so how do you become an upstander in a world of facebook, twitter and instagram?


Cyber Civics

What does your digital footprint say about you? Who looks at it? How do you make it better?


Live podcast w/ POW!cast

Come join members of POW!Cast for an interactive, live episode of our show! We will be doing a round up of the latest pop culture news & events, as well as taking audience Q&A on all things geek & giving away some prizes for panel attendees! The show will be streaming live on our Facebook page, so come be a part of our live studio audience!


Creativity and Digital Media Arts Magic

The Liberty High School Digital Media Arts Team is a group of actors, visual artists, and musicians who combine their individual talents with technology. Our presentation will provide guests of the event with hands-on experience with current technology including a laser harp, theremin, OSMO, Parrot mini drones, HTC Vive Virtual Reality experiences, Sphero, Bloxels, and more!


Surviving the Pain and Betrayal of Abuse

My name is Phyllis Weaver and I will be discussing my experience with an abusive marriage, my escape from that marriage, the divorce and parental alienation, my recovery, relapse and how to prevent abusive relationships in families and knowing the signs to recognize the patterns.

Basic Boffer Buildinga guide to creating your very own Foam Tanto

Do you enjoy battling with Sleeping Samurai foam weaponry?  Can’t afford a full price foam weapon from our inventory at the moment? No problem! You are officially invited to join the operator(s) of Sleeping Samurai for a two hour session on how to craft your very own FOAM WEAPON! With over a decade of foam crafting experience, the operators of Sleeping Samurai will not only provide all materials needed, but will also walk you through the step-by-step process on how to craft your very own Foam Tanto. It is requested that you reimburse the operators of the panel for all materials used in the creation of your Foam Tanto, although said cost is quite low. Tight on money this weekend? But you still wish to join the panel? …don’t worry – just ask how you could join this panel absolutely free! There are limited quantities of the materials however – so the first ten people to attend will be given priority and the option to be one of the individuals who builds a Foam Tanto.  All others will be given the option to view from other areas of the panel area and are welcome to ask questions and participate in this manner.  All ages are welcome.

Foam – Fantasy – Fun!  (18 & UP)

Join the operator(s) of Sleeping Samurai for a late night crafting experience and get to know them in a more intimate environment! Enjoy an exciting time with friends and meet new friends, while cutting up (figuratively and literally) and learning a new way of crafting. In this panel, you will be free to craft your own creation or chose from a number of preselected images. You can either work as a single or team up with another person – either way, you will be crafting with professionals, who will be there ready to join in and to help where and when needed. This class works on a “first come – first served” status – be sure to sign up early, to ensure a spot in the class! Even if you’re late to the class and not a part of the ‘ten who are trained’, don’t worry! You can still watch and ask questions, being involved with the class, without being “hands on”. For many reasons (safety being at the top of the list), this is an 18 and up event – sorry to everyone else but we look forward to seeing you and hanging out with you soon.  …that’s right, an 18 an up panel, full of music, laughs and carving tools! What more could you ask for!?


Supernatural: The Family Business

Discussing the journey between Sam and Dean through the 12 seasons so far. How they react to situation and a few trivia questions.

Game Bros Live

Game Bros is a Let’s Play YouTube show hosted by Krowofmurder15 (Seth Ferrell), Fallen Gunbai (Thomas Clark), ShyGuy357 (Mike Richards), and Riyoko Drakena (Alecia Gulley). Come and join the fun as we record a live episode and do some Q&A as well.

Chaos Controllers

This panel will be a game show. We take different members of the audience, and they compete doing different video game-related challenges to claim the grand prize. We haven’t decided on a grand prize yet. We are still working on that. The amount of contestants will be about twenty. The games featured will range from Smash, Mario Kart, Pokemon Stadium, Zelda, Sonic, and Mega Man. Challenges will range from who can beat a certain level first (speed running), to four player Smash matches/Mario Kart races, and so on. There will not consolation prizes.

“We Live Inside A Dream”: The Supernatural in Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks has a massive cult following, and you’ll be hearing a lot about it in the next few months, as its long-awaited third season will begin May 21, 2017 — a full 26 years after the end of its first two seasons, which originally aired on ABC in 1990-91.

Twin Peaks is known for being one of the first TV series to bring movie-quality writing and directing to the small screen. It paved the way for television that challenged the viewer to “think” while watching rather than passively consuming it. As a result, and because it happened to air during the early days of the Internet (prior to what we now call the World Wide Web), Twin Peaks was arguably the very first TV series to have a devoted online fan community poring over every detail, as they tried to figure out the answer to the increasingly complicated mystery of “Who killed Laura Palmer.”

Twin Peaks is a surreal crime drama/mystery with elements that may or may not be supernatural, depending on how you choose to view the series. In this panel, we’ll look at the arguments on both sides: On one hand, the idea that Twin Peaks deals strongly with supernatural events, and on the other hand, the idea that nothing in the series is supernatural — and if that’s the case, what is it that the show is trying to express with its “mystical” characters (such as the dancing dwarf, or the giant who provides clues).

This will be an informal, fun panel with lots of room for audience members to offer their opinions. If time permits and if the audience is made up of experienced viewers, we’ll also play Twin Peaks trivia, with questions I’ll prepare in advance.

As an alternative, if the audience turns out to be filled with people who haven’t seen Twin Peaks, I will instead offer a “beginner’s guide” to the show, including readings from several books about the series.

Jennifer Cihi Panel

Jennifer Cihi began performing since she was a young girl growing up in California.  At the age of 12, she began her professional career when she was cast in the role of Pepper in the 1978 Broadway production of Annie.  As a young adult Jennifer lived and worked in Japan for two years performing at Tokyo Disney.  Ironically, after moving back to Los Angeles, she was cast as the singing voice of Sailor Moon.  She went on to star in the Nickelodeon television show Roundhouse and has lent her voice to many national jingles, including the now famed Hot Pockets commercials. Just over a decade ago, Jennifer said goodbye to Hollywood and moved to Nashville where her singing career continued to thrive.  Now, Jennifer appears at conventions all over the US and Europe singing the now iconic Sailor Moon songs.

Chad Lindberg Panel

Chad Lindberg is a television and film actor know for bringing to life fan favorite roles including  “Ash” in Supernatural. His film roles include: “Jesse” in “The Fast and the Furious”, “Sherman O’Dell” in “October Sky”, and “Joe West” in “The Rookie.” He has also worked on “Marvel’s Agents of Shield”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, The X-Files”, and “Sons of Anarchy”. Lindberg is a passionate Actor and Paranormal investigator, Appearing on Ghost Adventures and co-hosting the television series, Ghost Stalkers. He recently launched a paranormal podcast called Haunted Hollywood available for streaming online at

Harry Potter’s Guide to Spells, Concoctions & Consent

Visit Hogwarts Sex Ed Class! This class will cover a critical element of a magical relationship – Consent. Without Consent, young wizarding folk and muggles can find their way to Azkaban. This Curriculum approved by the Ministry of Magic.