Danganronpa: Causeacon Panic!

Welcome to Danganronpa: Causeacon Panic 3, the murder-mystery solving interactive game show returning for Causeacon 2024! If you are a fan of the Dangaronpa series or if you are a fan of murder mysteries, this panel is for you. Join us as you attempt to discover who the blackened murderer is during the class trial or else the whole class will suffer from Monokuma’s punishment!

(Danganronpa is a Japanese Murder-Mystery video game where high school students are trapped in a school forever. If a student wants to escape the school, they must MURDER another student and get away with it. If a murder occurs, the other students must gather evidence and hold a class trial where they figure out who the murderer (the blackened) is. If they are successful, the blackened will receive punishment from the high school headmaster, Monokuma. If they fail to find the blackened, the entire class will be punished instead.)

Visit this page often because we will be posting critical information in helping you solve the mystery of the panel. We will be updating different aspects of the case including characters, locations and student IDs. You may even get the oportunity to discover hidden clues throughout Causeacon before the panel even begins!

There will be several hidden Monokuma’s hidden around the convention center before the panel begins. Find them and bring them to the panel to earn hints during the game!

Character Report Cards



    1. Well, you would either have to buy the game and play it (Nintendo Switch, Playstation, ect) OR you can watch “let’s plays” on YouTube of other people and try to solve the murder along with them. Just look for Danganronpa let’s plays on YouTube.

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