2023 Schedule of Events

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Causeacon 2023 Program

Friday, April 28th, 2023

12:30 PM – Opening Ceremonies (Main Stage) Come join us for the Opening Ceremonies of Causeacon 2023! We’re going to catch you up on all the big events that will be happening across the weekend, special announcements and you can win prizes at the end of the announcements.

1:00 PM – A Blue Shell Paradox (Main Stage)
Come watch this up and coming local Beckley band perform on our Main Stage.

1:00 PM – Outer Rim Praxeum (Panel Room Crimson)
Learn the history of lightsaber combat from the Star Wars lightsaber group, Outer Rim Praxeum.

3:30 PM – Harp Twins Concert (Main Stage)
Come watch the Harp Twins live on stage for their Celtic and rock inspired electric harp concert!

4:30 PM – Make Money Working in a Haunted House (Panel A)
Join the staff of Fright Nights WV as they teach you how you can earn money while scaring people the months of October – December.

5:00 PM – Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament (The Dungeon)
Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament; Free entry

2:00 PM – Lightsaber Workshop – Outer Rim Praxeum (Main Stage)
Learn the proper way to fight with lightsabers with professionals from the Outer Rim Praxeum Group.

5:00 PM – Delta Green – The Last Things Demo (The Dungeon)

5:00 PM – Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Doubles Tournament (Video Game Room)
Free entry tournament

5:30 PM – Danganronpa: Causeacon Panic! (Panel A)
Join us for a live-Action murder mystery panel game show featuring original characters inspired by the hit video game, Danganronpa. Will you solve the murder or will you be punished by Monokuma?

5:30 PM – Whit Hertford Photo-Op (Photography Room)
Take a picture with Whit Hertford from Nightmare on Elm Street 5 and recieve an 8×10 print out of you and him with a themed background. Tickets are limited.

6:00 PM – Katana Stance & Strike (Sleeping Samurai Room)
Learn the basics of using a Katana with Sleeping Samurai.

6:30 PM – A Blue Shell Paradox (Main Stage)
Come watch this up and coming local Beckley band perform on our Main Stage.

7:00 PM – Katana Tournament (Sleeping Samurai Room)
Come watch this up and coming rap artist perform original songs based around pop culture and his life on our Main Stage.

7:00 PM – The Love Game (Panel B)
The Dating Game is a fun way for cosplayers to find out just who would end up dating from different fandoms!

7:00 PM – Pokemon TCG Tournament (The Dungeon)
Pokemon TCG Tournament; Free entry.

7:00 PM – Mutants and Masterminds (3rd Edition) (The Dungeon)
Mutants and Masterminds Demo.

7:45 PM – LIONS premier with Brian Dorsey (Panel A)
Join Brian Dorsey as he premiers his independent film, LIONS.

8:00 PM – Castle Crashers Mini Match (Video Game Room)

8:30 PM – Cosplay Ball (Main Stage)
Come dressed in your finest as we waltz the night away to this cosplay inspired ball. Attire isn’t restricted, but encouraged! Come dressed as Deadpool in a tuxedo, Princess Zelda or even a Heartless in a bowtie.

9:00 PM – The Mines of Khazakhan (Causeacon) D&D 5e (The Dungeon)
Join us for a Causeacon inspired D&D session, sign ups are limited.

9:00 PM – Horror Trivia (Panel A)
Think you can call yourself the King of Monsters? Grab your team and see if you have what it takes to be the ultimate horror movie trivia buffs.

9:00 PM – Who’s Line Is It Causeacon? (Panel B)
Come join this hilariously unscripted panel full of comedy sketches and audience participation!

9:30 PM – Nickelodeon All Star FFA Mini Match

10:00 PM – Youtube Karaoke! (Main Stage)
We’ve got Youtube and a microphone, you just have to bring your voice!

Saturday, April 30th, 2022

10:30 AM – Pawsplay (Main Stage)
The Humane Society is bringing all of their adoptable does in cosplay to walk our “cat walk” for everyone to see. Stay after the show and meet the dogs, you can even learn how to adopt these wonderful animals after the convention!

11: 00 AM – 1 PM – Cosplay Contest Judging (Panel B)
If you have entered the Cosplay Contest, please come to Panel B between the hours of 11 AM – 12:45 PM for judging. Any contestant that shows up after 1 PM will not be eligible for judging.

11:00 AM – Katana Stance & Strike (Sleeping Samurai Room)
Learn to use a Katana with Sleeping Samurai.

11: 00 AM – 5:00 PM – Battle Tech Demo (The Dungeon)

11:00 AM – Super Mario Bros Champ Mini Match (Video Game Room)

11:45 AM – Praxeum Blade Matches – Outer Rim Praxeum (Main Stage)
Watch as your favorite Star Wars characters from Outer Rim Praxeum duke it out on our main stage!

12:00 PM – Katana Tournament (Sleeping Samurai Room)

12:00 PM – Mutants and Masterminds (3rd Edition) (The Dungeon)
Mutants and Masterminds demo.

12:15 PM – Whisper of the Heart: Studio Ghibli’s Country Roads (Panel A)
Studio Ghibli shows West Virginia some love as “Country Roads” serves as the soundtrack to the 1995 animated film Whisper of the Heart. This panel will explore how Whisper of the Heart encapsulates the Studio Ghibli philosophy of love of life, creativity, and childhood. A hidden gem for many years, Whisper of the Heart has gained a well-deserved cult following in recent years as the antidote for widespread apathy and animosity, which can be appreciated by all audiences, regardless of one’s background.

1:00 PM – Adassa Q&A (Main Stage)
Adassa from Disney’s Encanto will be answering your questions on our Main Stage.

1:00 PM – Super Smash Brothers Ultimate 1v1 (Video Game Room)
Super Smash Bros Ultimate 1v1 tournament, free entry.

1:00 PM – Call of Cthulhu – The Necropolis (The Dungeon)

1:15 PM – Ask the Demon Slayer Corps! (Panel B)
Do you have a burning question that you would love to have a member of the Demon Slayer Corp answer? Or maybe even for a demon? Well, this is your chance! Come ask Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their friends, or even their enemies any questions you may have! Dare them to do things, and have a lot of fun! But beware, the demons may have other plans.

1:30 PM – VHS Trailer Show (Panel A)
A one hour marathon of action, science fiction, and all-out ridiculousness from one of the strangest eras of film history! Strap yourself as we take a trip down memory lane through the days after the grindhouse and before DVDS. From forgotten films, to hidden gems, to true schlock we will go down memory lane. Be kind and rewind.

2:00 PM – Open Weapons Tournament (Sleeping Samurai Room)

2:15 PM – Disney Sing-A-Long (Main Stage)
Join us as we sing along to your favorite Disney songs throughout the ages. Special guest appearance by Adassa singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”!

2:45 PM – Competitions and Cosplays (Panel A)
Ever thought about joining in on cosplay competitions? Not sure where to start? We got you covered! To the overall basics to the deep secrets, we got it all!

3:00 PM – Comicsburgh (Panel B)
“Comicsburgh” is a group of independent comics creators in Pittsburgh PA who travel together and promote their books. The panel will consist of a showing of the latest episode of the Heroineburgh TV series (38 minutes) followed by about 15 minutes of Q&A about our comic book titles: Heroineburgh, The Edge (by Marvin Wynn), Beowulf and Memoirs of the Morbid (by Grant Lankard), and Music Maker (by Mauricia Malveaux).

3:00 PM – Magic the Gathering (The Dungeon)
The Magic the Gathering Tournament; Modern Format – Free Admission

3:30 PM – Charity Auction (Main Stage)
Different vendors and companies have generously donated several autographed photos from tv and movie stars for you to bid on. All of the proceeds will be donated to the WRC/AWAY organization. You can check out the donated pieces in the Vendor Room at the Causeacon Information Booth.

4:00 PM – The 7 Lightsaber Forms – Outer Rim Praxeum (Panel A)
Learn the 7 forms of lightsaber training from the professionals at Outer Rim Praxeum.

4:45 PM – Cosplay Contest (Main Stage)
Come watch as competitors show off their best cosplay creations on our Main Stage Cosplay Contest!

5:15 PM – Fandom the Musical (Panel A)
Fandom the Musical, featuring your favorite anime openings, Disney songs, and Steven Universe themes! Feel free to sing along with Katwoman Cosplay.

5:54 PM – Whit Hertford Q&A (Panel B)
Whit Hertford from Jurassic Park, Star Wars Clone Wars, Nightmare on Elm Street 5 and so much more will be answering your questions!

5:00 PM – Nights of Strife (Werewolf) (The Dungeon)
Come join Critically Absurd as they demo their new game, Nights of Strife!

6:00 PM – Pink Casino Concert (Main Stage A)
Come watch Pink Casino perform live on our Main Stage and get an autograph/CD after the show!

6:00 PM – Gang Beats Mini Match (Video Game Room)

6:00 PM – Nerf War Room (Main Stage B)
The Nerf War is back with its own War Room. Duke it out with friends or strangers in an all out nerf battle. It is bring your own nerf gun, but we will provide the darts. Some form of protective eye wear is required. All ages welcome!

6:00 PM – Hungry for Humans Demo (The Dungeon)
Join Lonely Hero Games as they demo their newest game, Hungry for Humans!

6:30 PM – D&D For Beginners (Panel A)
New to D&D and want to learn how to play? This panel is for you!

7:00 PM – The Office Trivia (Panel B)
Think you know everything there is to know about the hit show, The Office? Test your wits in this battle against other Office junkies!

7:00 PM – Bank Heist Demo (The Dungeon)
Join Lonely Hero Games as they demo their awesome game, Bank Heist!

7:15 PM – Late Night Zero Concert (Main Stage)
Come watch Late Night Zero live in concert on our main stage and meet the band after!

7:30 PM – Rocket League Mini Match (Video Game Room)

7:45 PM – Disney Trivia (Panel A)
Disney Trivia all things Disney. If you’re familiar with Nerd Trivia night then you know how this goes. Categories can be anything from songs, movies , tv shows, the Vault…(Star Wars and MCU not included) make a team or fly solo.

9:00 PM – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (The Nightman Cometh’) (Panel A)
Join us for Denim Chicken and plenty of Nightman.

9:30 PM – Streaming Bootcamp (Panel A)
Learn how to stream on your own channel!

9:30 PM – Dr. Mario Mini Match (Video Game Room)

10:00 PM – Galactic Rave
Grab your glow sticks and neon gear, it’s time to dance it up at the Galactic Rave!

Sunday, May 1st, 2022

10:30 AM – Lightsaber Fan Film Viewing Party – Outer Rim Praxeum (Panel A)

11:00 AM – Call of Duty: Gun Game Mini Match (Video Game Room)

11:30 AM – Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Group Photo-Op (Main Stage)
Are you wearing a Toilet Bound Hanako Kun cosplay? Join others like yourself at the group photo-op on the main stage! Attendees are welcome to take photos too!

12:00 PM – Star Wars Group Photo-Op (Main Stage)
Are you wearing a Star Wars cosplay? Join others like yourself at the group photo-op on the main stage! Attendees are welcome to take photos too!

12:00 PM – Otaku Bingo! (The Dungeon)
Join us for free bingo on Sunday! We have over 60 prizes to give away and everyone has a chance to win it big.

12:00 PM – Katana Stance & Strike (Sleeping Samurai Room)
Learn to use a katana with Sleeping Samurai!

12:30 PM – Lightsaber Workshop Plus – Outer Rim Praxeum (Main Stage)
Even more training, tips and tricks on wielding your own lightsaber.

1:00 PM – Ghostbusters: Kids Training (Panel B)
Join your local Ghostbusters as we teach the kids about the world of busting ghosts. We will discuss equipment, Ghosts, slime, and all things related to the “in world” mythos of ghostbusting. After learning the ins and outs of our trade, we will take the young recruits on a walking tour and field test their knowledge. I just hope the Rookie remembers to charge the traps this time… We cant afford to let ANOTHER one escape…

1:00 PM – Pokemon Sword and Shield Tournament (Video Game Room)
Pokemon Sword and Shield tournament, free entry.

1:00 PM – Katana Tournament (Sleeping Samurai Room)

2:30 PM – GhastBashers Itinerant Interns Demo (The Dungeon)

2:30 PM – Mario Party Game Show (Main Stage)
It’s time for Causeacon’s favorite live-action game show, Mario Party! Dress as the characters and battle your way through physical challenges with an oversized boardgame map! Players AND audience members have a chance to win prizes at the end too!

4:00 PM – Closing Ceremonies (Main Stage)
Causeacon has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t walk away with more prizes! Come check out the closing ceremonies and let’s recap what a great weekend we had and talk about upcoming events.