The Great Meme-Off Challenge


Think your meme’s are the dankest around? Prove it in this years “The Great Meme-Off Challenge” at Causeacon 2020!



Send us your funniest meme and have it be judged in front of a live audience during our Cosplay and Masquerade contest. The meme can be self made or made by another, but you get more points for originality (no one likes a stolen meme). The audience will decide your fate. Will you go home a winner and crowned our “Meme Master” or will you go home ‘one pathetic loser’.



The Great Meme-Off Challenge Rules

1.) Memes can be original or stolen, (though you will be called out for stealing someone else’s meme live on stage).

2). Memes must be family friendly: avoid adult language, nudity and sexual photographs (Let’s keep it clean for the kids).

3). Just try your best to make the audience laugh, (as is the key to any meme spammer on Facebook).

4). Remember, Causeacon as the right to reject any entry they feel does not comply with the rules of the contest as well as the guidelines for Causeacon itself.

5). Good Luck!



Submit your entry below and may the odds be ever in your favor.

I understand and comply with the rules and regulations set by Causeacon for "The Great Meme-Off" challenge:*
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