Laser Tag

Laser Tag at Causeacon
April 27th (Saturday), 2019 9pm – Midnight

Players will meet at Main Stage B at least 15 minutes prior to start time. The Activities Attendant will ensure that all players fill out the
Activities Liability Waiver Form. Parents must sign for all minors age 16 and under. NO EXCEPTIONS! The Activities Attendant will
hand out the laser guns to participants.

All players will be given the rules of play and code of conduct at the arena. Play will commence and the fun will begin. The standard
game we play is ELIMINATION TEAM DEATHMATCH where we will divide people into two teams (Blue Team or Red Team). The
objective is to eliminate every player on the other team. This game is action packed and a lot of fun! Additional games are available.
Please see the Activities Attendant for additional information.


  • Players are responsible for any damages to the laser guns or damages to the arena.
  • Players must wear closed toed shoes. No flip flops/sandals, etc.
  • Players are not allowed to wear hats or hoods that could cover the headband.
  • We recommend players bring water or other non-alcoholic beverages.


Please treat the gun with respect. Two hands are required on the gun at all times. To fire the gun, simply pull the trigger. To tag another
player, aim for the sensors around their head or on the gun itself. Sensors on the headband light up. To aim better, use the dot scope
on the gun. Players will be disqualified for covering the sensors.

To start the game, hold down the trigger for 3 seconds. Players can read the screen on the gun to count down. The gun will make a
reloading sound to notify the player when it is ready for game play. Players get 10 magazines with 30 bullets each, making for 300
bullets total. Be sure to use all the bullets in a magazine before reloading because players do not get to keep bullets once the gun is
reloaded. To reload the gun, simply press the red button located on the side of the gun.

In this game, players may be hit 6 times before a life is lost. Players are allotted 3 lives. After the player has died 3 times, they are out
until the next round. The first few times a player is hit, the headband will flash. The last time a player is hit, a beeping noise will sound,
and the player will no longer be able to fire the gun. This means the player has died. Return to the team’s base to respawn. To
respawn, simply point the gun at the respawn box provided by Glade Springs at the team’s home base and hit the red button on the
respawn box.

Safety is key: no fast running. Always play under control. No physical contact. Always hold the gun firmly with both hands. Do not push,
move, lean, or jump on any obstacles or barriers. Please obey the referee. And as a courtesy rule, please do not talk while waiting to
respawn. Dead men tell no tales.

Sign-ups will be at the Glade Springs booth on Friday and Saturday in the vendor room. $10 per person – 20 minute match.

Sign-ups will be limited so make sure you sign up at the Glade Springs booth as soon as possible!