Chad Lindberg is a television and film actor know for bringing to life fan favorite roles including  “Ash” in Supernatural. His film roles include: “Jesse” in “The Fast and the Furious”, “Sherman O’Dell” in “October Sky”, and “Joe West” in “The Rookie.” He has also worked on “Marvel’s Agents of Shield”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, The X-Files”, and “Sons of Anarchy”. Lindberg is a passionate Actor and Paranormal investigator, Appearing on Ghost Adventures and co-hosting the television series, Ghost Stalkers. He recently launched a paranormal podcast called Haunted Hollywood available for streaming online at


Final Form Fusion is a group of dancers who present performances inspired by our favorite anime, video games, comics, films, fantasy settings, and more. Our members – some veteran and some beginner – have trained in many styles, including American Tribal Style, classical Egyptian, several folkloric styles, Tribal Fusion, Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. In addition, many of us are also addicted to cosplay and use these crafty talents to bring our favorite characters and stories to life. We look forward to dancing for you and hope to see you at the show!

Jennifer Cihi began performing since she was a young girl growing up in California.  At the age of 12, she began her professional career when she was cast in the role of Pepper in the 1978 Broadway production of Annie.  As a young adult Jennifer lived and worked in Japan for two years performing at Tokyo Disney.  Ironically, after moving back to Los Angeles, she was cast as the singing voice of Sailor Moon.  She went on to star in the Nickelodeon television show Roundhouse and has lent her voice to many national jingles, including the now famed Hot Pockets commercials. Just over a decade ago, Jennifer said goodbye to Hollywood and moved to Nashville where her singing career continued to thrive.  Now, Jennifer appears at conventions all over the US and Europe singing the now iconic Sailor Moon songs.

Stefanie DeLeo is a published playwright and novelist.  She has a Master’s Degree in Theatre from New York University and had lived and worked in South Africa for two and a half years with the Peace Corps.  Her first play, Worth a Thousand Words was published in 2010, which addresses themes of art as a means of communication as seen through the lens of an autistic child.  Her novel, Cry My Safari was inspired by a trip to Kenya and tackles themes of racial and economic inequalities spanning two continents.  Though a New York City native, she recently relocated to Nashville, where she teaches 12th grade English.  She has been a guest at comic cons all over the US and Europe and loves running panels on how to navigate the publishing industry as well as the legality of publishing fan fiction. 

Jeremy Ambler is a Screen Actors Guild Eligible Actor And Featured Movie Extra Born On July 29th 1985 as a Child growing up young Jeremy was amazed by many actors and influences of television and movies including those starring Lucille Ball, The Three Stooges, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Abbott And Costello to only mention a few.. Today Jeremy has become one of the most recognizable Walkers on AMC’s Hit Television Series The Walking Dead as co-leader of the Highway Walkers in Episode 1 What Lies Ahead of Season 2 and as Farm “Here” Walker in Episode 13 not to mention the countless Walking Dead Merchandise he has been featured on including T-Shirts, Trading Cards, Board Games, Wallets, Lamp Shades, Belts, Blankets just to name a few. He has also appeared in many Movies including The Road, James Franco’s Child of God, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, HBO’s John Adams, Killing Lincoln, American Reunion, Rednecks, 4 Milfs Vs Zombies, Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies among others and this year can be seen as a Meth Addict in Gifted Starring Chris Evans, Toxic Tutu a Mockumentary Film based on The Toxic Avenger Films and as Mental Patient William and Hospital Ghoul in Night Of The Living Dead Genesis Starring Judith O’Dea!

Founded in 2008, Groovus Phaticus is Liberty High School’s Rock Music Ensemble. Membership in Groovus Phaticus is by invitation only; students are selected based on their professional conduct, musicianship, and high academic standards. The group’s membership evolves every year as students graduate and younger talent emerges from the band program. The Groovus Phaticus set list is made up of covers and originals, and is selected from songs that inspire our students.

Actress, writer, radio station owner and personality Dreama Denver met her husband of almost 30 years, television icon Bob Denver (Gilligan of Gilligan’s Island, Maynard G. Krebs of Dobie Gillis), when she was cast as his love interest in the Woody Allen play, “Play It Again, Sam”. After marrying the popular television personality, Dreama continued her acting career, appearing in a Gilligan’s Island reunion movie with Bob, co-starring with him in a TV pilot titled “Scamps” and touring the U.S. and Canada successfully and happily with her husband for over a decade.