Cosplay Prom

Get ready for an exciting new end-of-the-summer event for 2018, the Causeacon Cosplay Prom!

Come dressed in your favorite cosplay or prom attire and dance the night away! We will have snacks, arcade games, door prizes, a professional photographer and crown a prom king and queen! We will be having the prom at The Resort at Glade Springs pavilion which is surrounded by beautiful scenery, perfect for photo-shoots.

When: August 25th, 2018

 Where: The Resort at Glade Springs

Time: 7 PM – 11 PM




Single Ticket


Couples Ticket


All the money made from this event will go towards funding Causeacon 2019.

The Cosplay Prom is a formal event so we ask that everyone reviews the dress attire and weapons policy rules.

Cosplay Prom Attire Rules:

  • Cosplays are acceptable as attire for this event, but they should be formal cosplays. (Example: Deadpool with a bow tie)
  • Prom attire is welcome.
  • Women:
    • Breasts need to be 70% covered and buttocks must be completely covered.
    • Dresses, skirts, and dress clothes are acceptable.
    • Blue jeans and t-shirts are not acceptable.
  • Men:
    • Suits, tuxedos, dress clothes including slacks and khaki pants are acceptable.
    • Blue jeans and t-shirts are not acceptable.
  • Appropriate footwear is required at all times in the hotel and convention area. If your costume calls for bare feet, you may wear flip-flops or ballet slippers, but the soles of your feet should not come in contact with the floor. If your costume requires a morph suit or unitard-type outfit you must pad the soles of the costume. You may be subject to a “tickle test” to make sure you have properly padded your feet.
  • The illusion of nudity is unacceptable. No Exceptions.
  • Inline skates (i.e. Rollerblades), roller skates, Togo skates, sneaker skates (i.e. Heelys), and the like may not be worn or used in the convention area.
  • Body makeup that easily smears or transfers to any person or property cannot not be worn. Please properly seal and set all makeup so that does not happen. Staff reserves the right to “smear test” for proper setting of blood or makeup. If your makeup does not comply you will be asked to remove the makeup.
  • You must have a clear line of sight; this includes peripheral vision. Being only able to see through a tiny eye slot does NOT constitute a clear line of sight. If this is unavoidable, cosplayer MUST have a handler at all times. Other cosplayer with masks or heads do not qualify as a handler. This rule does apply to attendees in fur suits as well, you require a handler with you at all times.
  • Please understand that we are facilitating this con to promote awareness for issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, bullying, body shaming, ect.
  • Cosplay Prom staff reserves the right to make final judgment calls on what is “decent”. If staff feels that your costume is indecent or inappropriate in any way, you will be asked to change or cover it.
  • Shock costumes, or costumes which have the sole purpose of offending and disrespecting other individuals, cultures, or religions in any way, will not be tolerated. We ask that you be respectful of other attendees.

Weapons and Props Policy:

  • Props are allowed but must be checked by Cosplay Prom Staff.
    • Acceptable props include, but are not limited to:
      • umbrellas
      • plushies
      • weapons *see weapons section
      • purses
      • wings
      • glow props
    • Purses are acceptable, but must be checked by Cosplay Prom Staff.
      • Backpacks, bags and other containers are not permitted.
  • Only the following “weapons” are allowed, but must be checked by Cosplay Prom Staff:
    • light sabers

If you have questions or concerns about our policies and want to ask about a costume or prop/weapon you wish to bring, send a picture and description to our email: