Charity Auction

Welcome to the Causeacon charity auction! Businesses, sponsors, vendors and artists have been donating items for us to auction during Causeacon to help raise money for our local AWAY center. As more items are sent to us, we will be posting pictures and descriptions of what they are.

The Causeacon’s Charity Auction will take place Saturday, April 27th, 2024 at 1:15 PM (before the cosplay contest). Cash is preferred for the auction, but card is also accepted.

Charity Auction Items

Raffle Bundle donated by For Horror Sake
A Christmas Story figure
Inglorious Basterds poster
Blade Runner 2024 art print

Coloring Book donated by Spoonie Magic
120 page mandalas coloring book

Donated by Rock U Otaku
5 Figure Demon Slayer Figure Set

Autograph donated by POPpaGoss
Mark Patton (Jesse)
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2

Autograph donated by For Horror Sake
Devin Dillon (guest star)
The Simpsons

Harry Potter House Shields bundle donated by Weaver Creations
Includes plastic shield cutouts of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor

Bundle donated by Pies and Pints
Includes t-shirt, growler and 2 free large pies from Pies and Pints


Gift Certificate donated by T. L. Soaps
$25 Gift Certificate for T. L. Soaps

Gift Certificate donated by Haunted Stardust Studios
Sailor Moon Holographic Print
Misc Sticker Pack

Metal Pennywise Cutout donated by John Christian

Autograph donated by For Horror Sake
John Morris (Andy)
Toy Story

Autograph donated by For Horror Sake
Jeremy London (T. S. Quint)

Plushie and Anime Bundles donated by Kyoto Anime
Plushi Bundle (Sanrio)
Anime Figure Bundle (Evangelion, Fate Stay, One Piece

Bundle donated by Tint’s Crafting Corner
Faux Bunny Ears
Resin Earrings

Bundle donated by Schark Design
Strawberry Fruit Bat Keychain
Art Print

Donated by Odd Knots
6 Foot Adjustable Paracord Pet Lead

Spangler’s Neutrona Wand donated by Donnie Coleman

Autograph donated by For Horror Sake
Joey Lauren Adams (Alyssa Jones)
Chasing Amy

Galaxy Painting donated by Bel Contatto

Causeacon Mascot Plushie donated by Crazy Ink & Art
Hand-stitched plushie of Causeacon’s Mascotfgd
Charity (witch costume)

Art donated by Britania’s Art
Hand-drawn Demon Slayer artwork



Sponsors and Donating Businesses/Groups

For Horror Sake
T. L. Soaps
Schark Design
Spoonie Magic
Haunted Stardust Studios
Odd Knots
Rock U Otaku
John Christian
Donnie Coleman
Crazy Ink & Art
Kyoto Anime
Weaver Creations
Bel Contatto
Pies and Pints
Tint’s Crafting Corner
Britania’s Art


Want to donate an item for the Charity Auction? Send us an email: