Lip Sync Battle


Causeacon is looking for a fight and wants you to battle! Join us for the Lip Sync Battle where you can show of your non-singing skills in this head-to-head competition. 8 competitors will enter but only one can be crowned the Lip Sync Battle Champion!

Round 1, competitors will dual 1v1 as the audience chooses their favorite contestant to move on to the next round. This continues through Round2 and in Round 3, the final two competitors will duke it out in the final Lip Sync challenge. It’s up to you to please the audience into picking your song, so do your best!


The Rules:

  1.  You must perform solo.
  2. Cosplays MUST follow the rules set out by Causeacon. (You won’t be judged on your cosplay, lip sync only!)
  3. Songs MUST be radio friendly. (No adult language or sexual lyrics)
  4. Songs MUST be pre-approved by Causeacon Staff.
  5. YouTube will be used for the music. (We will try to find a video with lyrics)

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