Cosplay Contest Applications Now Open!

You can now enter the Causeacon Cosplay Contest!

You can now put your application in for a slot in our Cosplay Contest for Causeacon 2022. Follow this link to get to the application:

Additional information can be found below!


Judging Divisions:

  • Kids: This category is for kids 12 and under, costumes can be bought or hand made, though you get more points for hand made.
  • Beginner: If this is your first Cosplay experience or you have never won a Cosplay award, this is your division. 75% of your costume should be hand made.
  • Expert: If you have ever won a Cosplay award or your cosplay skill is above what is considered beginner, you’re in the right place. 75% of your costume should be hand made. If your costume has won more than 2 awards at conventions it is not eligible for this contest.
  • Judge’s Pick (best in show): The judge’s will pick their favorite cosplay over all of the participants.

Each contestant will be judged on the following categories:

  • Accuracy (how accurate your costume is to it’s original image)
  • Creativeness (how creatively you constructed your costume)
  • Craftsmanship (How much of your costume you created/altered yourself)
  • Polished (Having clean seams, paint job and having an overall polished look)



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