Late Night Zero

Causeacon is proud to present

“Late Night Zero”!


Late Night Zero, a punk/metal/rock band with horror and video game based themes, has been creeping around the scene of horror and geek rock since the Fall of 2005. LNZs music can be described as “fun, catchy tunes with plenty of sing along elements” while still keeping enough edge to “keep the mosher’s happy”.



“Our roots go back a bit further, but the active playing and promoting began then. Since that time, we have worked hard to share our brand of music with the unsuspecting masses. Appearing at film festivals, conventions, haunted attractions, and plenty of hole in the wall dive bars, we like to say we’ll play just about anywhere. Our current library of music includes a full length Cd, a live album, and most recently, a large compilation of unreleased music and live cuts. We have also been featured on 4 different compilation cds through out the years. Though we’ve been doing this for 15 years and have seen several line up changes, we haven’t changed our core values. To have fun, bring a good show, and make sure we leave at least one “ear worm” chorus repeating in your head! So put on some face paint, sing some “whoas”, and let’s have some fun.”- Late Night Zero



You can catch Late Night Zero on Saturday, April 30th. 2022 at 7 PM on the main stage. You can meet the band after the show and buy a CD or get an autorgraph!


To hear some of their music, check out their YouTube channel!

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