Causeacon 2021 Cancelled

Dear Causeacon fans!
The Causeacon staff and WRC have been monitoring the situation with our country and state with COVID-19 over the past year. Unfortunately, we still have many health and safety concerns as well as event concerns that will not make Causeacon 2021 possible this year.
With the restrictions and guidelines put in by Governor Justice for West Virginia, we would not be able to bring you the full-fledged Causeacon that you all remember and deserve. So, we have decided to cancel Causeacon 2021 this year.
All Vendors that had carried their 2020 booth fees over for 2021, please contact the or the Women’s Resource Center for a full refund. We will not be rolling over fees to 2022 at this time.
Causeacon would like to thank everyone for their patience and continued support over this past year. We miss you all, but hope to see everyone in 2022 and possibly any other future events we may be able to have.
Thank you,
Causeacon Chairman
Desiree Christian

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  1. More of this aggravation! I’ve had my 2nd vaccination shot already. I haven’t been to a Cause A Con yet, but I’ve been going to various cons since 1983. (Don’t want to mess up and call it “CauSEAcon”). I’m concerned that science fiction conventions may never be held again if this nonsense continues too much longer.

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