The Talented Autumn Roark

Causeacon is very excited to announce that the talented Autumn Roark will be gracing us with her presence this year! She is an accomplished cosplayer from North Carolina and will be one of our guest judges during 2020’s Cosplay Contest. We sat down and interviewed Autumn about her cosplay experiences through out her life.


  • How old were you when you dressed in your first cosplay, where were you and what did you cosplay as?

“My first cosplay and convention both were in 2010 when I was 22. The convention was “Animazement” in Raleigh, NC. I cosplayed as CC from Code Geass for the entire convention, I had no idea people wore different cosplays each day, haha.”


  • When you first started cosplay, did you make everything on your own or did you have help?

“When I first started cosplaying I had no idea how to sew. I didn’t know people made armor out of foam or even what worbla was, or where to buy wigs. I bought my first few cosplays and had to alter them myself because buying online is a nightmare. Stuff normally came in too small or too big or the wrong color, so I learned quickly that making things myself is not only cheaper, but its right the first go. I didn’t know anyone else in my area cosplayed at the time so I was completely self-taught and I still to this day haven’t had much help making my cosplays. I feel it’s more rewarding to do it on my own.”


  • Did you ever enter a cosplay contest, if so did you win?

I normally judge cosplay contests when I attend conventions, so I’ve only entered a handful. Ive entered 3 total. I got 3rd place in the masters competition in my Christmas Battle Bunny Riven, a judges award for my Morrigan in a regular contest, and I haven’t placed with Goldar yet. Ive also won first place for a skit in 2012.

Christmas Battle Bunny Riven



  • What has been your top 5 favorite cosplays you’ve ever done?

My top 5 favorite cosplays are:

Goldar from Power Rangers


Lulu from Final Fantasy X

Kimahri from Final Fantasy X

Morrigan from Darkstalkers

Star Fox


  • What was the most difficult cosplay you’ve ever created?

“My most difficult cosplay has probably been Rachel from Resident Evil. It was my first time making anything out of latex. The entire cosplay was made out of aluminum foil, saran wrap and covered in latex. I made it 2 weeks before the convention. It was super hard to keep all the latex from sticking to itself. All in all, I’m pretty impressed with how it came out.”


  • Have you ever been cosplay shamed or bullied? If so, what happened and how did you approach the problem?

“I get bullied and shamed daily on my fan pages for being overweight, or slutty, or not accurate, etc. When it all first started, I used to get upset and blow up then go off on the people being mean. Now I more or less make an example out of those people, politely. I’ve learned that killing people with kindness really does work well, and I’ve even had some people apologize.”


  • What would you say to other people who want to cosplay but are scared of being bullied about maybe their skill level or body type?

“Do it anyways. Ive learned people will always try to tear you down, no matter your size, race, gender, skill level, etc. People will need to feel better about themselves and try to tear down someone enjoying themselves. Ive learned that the best way to win against those types of people is to keep doing what I love and to keep pushing forward. You never know who’s watching that needs to see you fighting back so they feel confident that they can do it too.”


  • What current projects are you working on or plan to work on in the future?

“Right now I’m working on my “Katsucon” cosplays, which include a monster girl from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Christmas Mercy from Overwatch, and Lucifer from the Seven Moral Sins. I plan on trying to make bigger and better cosplays this year!”


  • How many costumes do you currently own?

“Right now I probably have 20 full cosplays, I would have more if I hadn’t sold them to make more or re-purposed old costumes to make new costumes, haha.”


  • What is your favorite type of cosplay? (ex: Disney, movies, marvel, anime, ect)

“My favorite type of cosplay is anime. I’m a huge anime nerd and I tend to lean more towards those cosplays. Next in line is video games, then comics. I don’t think I’ve ever done a Disney character yet.”


  • What was your first convention experience like? What made you want to keep going to conventions?

“The first convention I went to was so accepting and heartwarming that I just had to go back. Everyone was so nice and sweet and friendly. It was truly a life changing experience. Its like a stress release camp!”


  • Where are you from originally? Where do you live now?

“I’m originally from Princeton, West Virginia, born and raised, lived there 20 years. I went to Mercer Christian Academy my entire schooling. I currently live in Shallotte, North Carolina now.”


  • Do you have any funny cosplay stories you’d like to share?

“One of my funniest and scariest moments was when I was cosplaying Lady Death from Deadpool. At the con they had photo-shoots on top of the parking deck. My group and I got on the elevator and pushed the 5th floor. As we reached the 5th floor the door wouldn’t open, instead it took us down to the 1st floor. The door still wouldn’t open, this repeated 6 times before the door finally opened on the 5th floor. By that time we were all on our knees praying that the door would open. Ever since then my friends have banished me from being on an elevator as Lady Death and blamed the whole event on me, haha.”



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