The Charity Boardgamer

We’re very excited to have our good friend Chris Goodlet back at Causeacon on Saturday for some super fun board game demos!

Chris from The Charity Boardgamer will be in attendance to show a few games from publishers. Voyage through a dystopian future, shuffle your way to insanity, smash up some aliens and sheep, colonize space and battle for supremacy, or have a delightful conversation over tea. The possibilities are endless in the tabletop world and you’ll get a taste of it Saturday.

The Charity Boardgamer is also selling merchandise at
For each purchase in April, 60% of all profits will go back to Causeacon and it’s efforts to help the community!
Here is his board game demo schedule for Saturday, April 25th, 2020:
10-11am Coup
In a dystopian future, you will seek to root out your enemies at a moment’s notice. This game takes cunning and bluffing in hopes to remove others from their seat of power. 
11-1pm Echidna Shuffle
Cute little Echidna are helping bugs get to their matching trunk, but beware! Players can sabotage your Echidna and send them in the wrong direction in this family-friendly game.
1-3pm Smash Up
Dinosaurs, aliens, monsters and….sheep??? Smash up two factions for a fun-filled experience in hopes to earn 15 points before your enemies.
3-5pm Tiny Epic Galaxies
Space needs to be colonized and who better to do it than you? Watch out! Other players are going to try to beat you to the end with their own ships and a good roll of the dice.
5-7pm Dinosaur Tea Party
Ever wondered what dinosaurs would be like if they came over for dinner? It would be delightful, but it will take some clues to figure out which guest is which in this family-friendly game.
7-10pm Heroes of Land, Air and Sea
It’s war! Take a faction and prepare to battle for Honor and glory as you face elves, orcs, dwarves and humans. This is the Epic Battle you have been waiting for.

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