Tiffany Vollmer surprises us at Causeacon!

Tiffany Vollmer aka Bulma from Dragon Ball Z



Tiffany Vollmer surprised us all when she agreed to be a last-minute guest for us at Causeacon. We are thrilled to have her be apart of our celebrity line up! She will be hosting a few panels, one on Saturday and one on Sunday and will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday for autographs and photos (prices TBD). Learn more about Tiffany and how she got started in her amazing voice acting career!

Tiffany Michele Vollmer was born July 22, 1973 in Mineola, New York. Quickly thereafter, her family moved to San Diego, California where Tiffany’s love for performing and being on stage was discovered. By age 5 she was hired as a flower girl/ runway model and could be seen on television every Spring in the big bridal shows on the weekly entertainment program PM Magazine. At age 7 her family relocated again to Garland Texas, a suburb right outside of Downtown Dallas. This is where Tiffany would spend most of her days honing her skills and developing her natural ability to entertain and perform. Her first lead role was in the 5th Grade, which lead to many creative opportunities and recognition by her teachers, peers and the community. She continued her training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Voice all the way through High School. There wasn’t a role, show or honor choir she auditioned for that she did not get chosen to participate in.

In High School Tiffany’s love and success in so many artistic disciplines made it difficult to focus on just one aspect. By her Senior Year she had performed three years on the Dance Team, won 7th in state performing poetry on the debate team, been in several plays and painted Murals in the Hallways of her school earning her a nomination and winning the title of “Most Talented Girl” out of a graduating class of close to 500 students. Tiffany Vollmer graduated South Garland High School in 1991 and was accepted into Stephen F. Austin University’s highly competitive theatre program where she also continued dance and vocal training. After a few years at SFA, Ms Vollmer was excited to transfer to the University Of North Texas where she would finally find a home in a department that would help
her achieve every aspect of her desires. After her first year she was awarded the Gaylord Hugh’s scholarship for Acting which she carried until she graduated in 1999. Other achievements in college include being chosen by Staff to head the Makeup Department as an undergrad where she developed and created an internship/apprentice program for other aspiring artists, being named the Ambassador to the College of Arts and Science as the representative for the Theatre Department, Elected twice as an officer to the Social and Philanthropic organization “University Players” where she held the position of President her Senior year, working on the “Production Committee” also an honor elected by staff and peers, and became the first ever producer from her department to help organize and create the “All the Arts Festival” to take place on campus annually. As a result, Tiffany became involved in designing makeup for the film and opera department, which also evolved her passion for production. Ms. Vollmer managed to find time to participate in all of these activities while performing every semester. Her favorite college roles include Mindy McClure in 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress by Alan Ball, Madame Pernelle in Tartuffe, and Fraulein Kost in Cabaret.

Before graduating from the University of North Texas, Tiffany ran into a college buddy who had heard her sing and knew she was a performance major, that had an interesting audition opportunity in the world of Anime. Not completely familiar with the genre or the show, Ms Vollmer went to a call back audition for the hit Japanese cartoon, “Dragon Ball Z”. After reading for 7 very different roles, she would get a call two weeks later from that same buddy, Christopher Sabat, congratulating her on getting the job as the voice of Bulma. Along with several other bit parts on the series, Tiffany Vollmer was the original voice of Bulma
on Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, through Dragon Ball G.T. including several movies and video games for nearly a decade. Other anime credits include voicing the song on opening and closing credits for Yu Yu Hakusho, and the role of Betsy on Case Closed. During her years at Funimation, Ms. Vollmer continued her career in front of and behind the scenes. She worked in all aspects of production and produced her first film, Placebo with her business partner Tracy Terrell. She was a founding member and producer for the Transient Theatre Collective, continued doing makeup for various projects and eventually went to work with Tim Shane at the Hub Theatre in Deep Ellum Texas. At the Hub Theatre she was able to flex all of her artistic muscles as a performer and designer. At one time she even had a side job doing singing telegrams. In 2011, Vollmer moved to New Orleans, Louisiana for a change of scenery and new opportunities. Since moving to the Big Easy, Tiffany has written, produced, directed, voiced, painted, danced and performed on a multitude of platforms. She works in all areas of the entertainment industry and can now add her favorite titles, wife and mother to her long list of accomplishments.

She is excited to have teamed up with Christopher Rammage and is now working with Theatre Lab NOLA. In July, Vollmer directed the show “Constellations” with the Theatre Lab to several sold out audiences and rave reviews. Ms. Vollmer is looking forward to being back out on the road working conventions and meeting with fans, that are the reason she became an actress to begin with.

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