Media at Causeacon

Media Outlets at Causeacon

Media presence at Causeacon is a great thing! We allow all forms of media outlets to come to Causeacon and do interviews, video coverage and more to share you, the attendee’s, experience at Causeacon and to promote and further our brand. However, you need to be cautious about “pretend” media outlets, let me explain:

Sometimes people who come to Causeacon “fake” having a media outlet such as a YouTube channel, Newspaper, Blog, Podcast, ect. These “fake” media outlets usually do video interviews in order to create slandering videos against the interviewee. We want our attendees to know the facts about Causeacon media outlets before falling into the trap of “fake” news reporting for comedic gain.

When we approached by a credible media source, we hand them Causeacon Media Badges. If a media outlet asks you for an interview and they are wearing a Causeacon Media Badge, that means they are a trusted source by Causeacon’s standards that they have been approved to ask for interviews, do video coverage and live stream during the Causeacon event.

If someone approaches you and asks you for your personal information and to record you either with audio or video and they are NOT wearing a Causeacon Media Badge, they may not be credible as a source and you should be cautious of their intentions. If you encounter a situation like this at Causeacon, do not hesitate to let one of our Staff or Security personnel know.

If you are a form of media outlet that want to be a part of Causeacon as a credible media source, you can contact us through Facebook or email:

Here is a list of some of our credible media sources lined up for Causeacon 2019 (not limited to):

  • 103.7 CIR – radio
  • Critically Absurd TV – YouTube
  • Larry Zande – YouTube
  • Local News Stations
  • Local Newspaper




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