Cosplay Rules & Policies Review


As the convention is quickly approaching, we decided to do a refresher on our Cosplay Rules and Policies. You can read the entire document here: Cosplay Rules and Policies.

Causeacon is in it’s 3rd year and as you know by now, we are a family-friendly convention. Also, we represent our local Women’s Resource Center that provides information and shelter to men, women and children who suffer from sexual and domestic violence. With that being said we have created our Cosplay Rules and Policies to reflect our goals as a convention and who we represent as a community.

While we are not going to cover every aspect of our Cosplay Rules and Policies, we’re going to highlight a few sections and offer them as reminders for those of you planning on cosplaying this year!


Let’s talk about COVERAGE!

We all love cosplay and it makes us feel good to dress up as our favorite fandom characters, we just have to remember that we are in the presence of young teens and small children.

Women:Your costume must cover, at minimum, as much as a modest bathing suit. Breasts need to be 70% covered and buttocks must be completely covered. If your costume calls for a thong, pasties or other below-minimum-coverage elements, please wear a bodysuit beneath it. – Cosplay Rules and Policies

Let’s compare these two Shantae Genie Hero cosplays:


While her cosplay (left) looks great, is 70% of her breast covered? Even her friend, cosplaying as Risky Boots (right) doesn’t have her breast covered more than 70%. These cosplays a very well done and the ladies look great, but these costumes would not be acceptable at Causeacon. Let’s move on to the next Shantae cosplay.


This cosplayer (right) has 100% of her breast covered and still looks great! This cosplay is very appropriate for Causeacon.

Sometimes cosplayers ask “what if a character that I like has a really risky costume to begin with?”. We understand that there are some characters that dress in a certain fashion that makes them sexy. There is nothing wrong with these characters, their costumes just might not be appropriate for Causeacon. Here are some examples:

(Ryūko Matoi, from Kill la Kill)

(Cindy, from Final Fantasy XV)

What if I want to dress sexy?

There are so many cosplays out there that you can wear that fit our guidelines and can make you feel sexy! Check out these very well done cosplays:

(Starfire, from Teen Titans) Starfire’s whole upper chest area is completely covered as well as her bottom, but she still looks killer!

(Ahri, from League of Legends) Ahri here has done a fabulous job with her cosplay. Notice her bottom area is completely covered and so is her breast area, yet she still looks dynamite!

What about the guys?

Our policies for cosplay cover the guys as well! Here is what they say:

Men:Your costume must cover, at minimum, as much as a typical pair of swimming trunks. If your costume calls for a Speedo-cut brief or other below-minimum-coverage elements, please wear pants or a body suit beneath it. Morph suits and other skin tight unitard-type outfits require appropriate undergarments and should not be worn with nothing underneath! Genitalia and/or nipples must not be visible through the costume.

While this unique rendition of Magikarp brings a smile and giggle to our face, it is unfortunately not appropriate for Causeacon.

However, this cosplay of Sonic is quite alright. Notice that his chest is exposed but certain parts of his chest are still covered by the morph-suit.

Speaking of morph-suits, check out these three awesome superheroes. They’ve all worn a appropriate undergarments and aren’t just wearing nothing underneath! That is A-OK in Causeacon’s book!

(Dare Devil, from Dare Devel, Spiderman, from Spiderman, Deadpool, from Deadpool)


What about political or religious figures?

We here at Causeacon have a simple answer, no, not to both. This convention is about fandoms, video games, anime and more, so let’s leave the politics and religions out of it. Here are some examples of political and religious cosplays that will not be welcome at Causeacon:

(44th President of the United States, Barack Obama)

(Gautama Buddha, Buddha religion)


What about Genderbend/Crossplay?

We think gender bending & cross play cosplay is a great idea, as long as it’s family friendly! You can have a great deal of fun creating a unique gender twist on a character and really let your creativity shine! Check some of these super cool ones out:

(Genderbend Elsa, from Frozen)

(Genderbend Super Mario, from Super Mario)


Let’s all have fun with our cosplays, keep them family-friendly and have an great time at Causeacon!

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