Cosplay Contest Judges!

We’re excited to announce our judges for our Cosplay Contest for Causeacon 2019!

First off, Donnie Coleman.

Donnie Coleman has been an avid cosplayer for many years and is well established in the cosplay community. From hand crafting proton packs from the Ghostbuster’s series to hand sewing his genie costume, he is someone who understands the high demands of creating your own costumes. We’re very happy to have him return as a cosplay judge this year.


Introducing Jennifer and Matt Peake!

These two dynamic couple duo emerged on the cosplay scene a few years ago but have come a long way. Here is a little bit more about these two fantastic judges:

Violet Twirls and GluDood are a married couple who always enjoyed Halloween
and being creative. It was Violet’s first ever con, 2017 Causeacon to be exact, that
they created a steampunk costume in their basement for fun and ended up
winning “Best in Show” for Lucia Bourke-White. Entering as a beginner and
being bumped to expert was a complete shock. Since then it keeps on going with
the art and creations of new and existing characters. Last year they won 1 st place
in Expert for steampunk Beauty and the Beast at Causaecon 2018. As artists,
cosplayers, and just fun geeky peeps, the goal is to encourage anyone who wants
to make art or cosplay no matter size, race, gender, or age!
Violet works on creating the threads with sewing, gluing, modifying, and other
methods and GluDood is amazing at learning new tricks and making props. He
also is a retro gaming collector and enjoys building computer gaming rigs.

The Cosplay Contest at Causeacon will be based off of 4 categories:

  • Accuracy (how accurate your costume is to it’s original image)
  • Creativeness (how creatively you constructed your costume)
  • Craftsmanship (How much of your costume you created/altered yourself)
  • Polished (Having clean seams, paint job and having an overall polished look)

Our judges will be following our guidelines closely and are anticipating seeing all of the brilliant cosplays that will be coming to Causeacon this year.

If you are interested in entering our Cosplay Contest, just click HERE!

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