Mario Party Game Show

Welcome to Causeacon’s first ever Mario Party Game Show!

If you are a fan of the Nintendo 64 classic then you are sure to love this game show. Packed with all the fun you remember as a child, you too can now experience your favorite friendship ruining game in REAL LIFE.

That’s right, the Mario Party Game Show is a live-action version of the beloved video game.


“How is this going to work?”, you ask? Simple! To participate, simply write your name down on an entry slip, drop it in the hat and we will draw 4 names out to be our contestants.

We will be playing two games, so up to 8 players will be picked!

Then it’s time to choose your character:

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After your character is chosen, we roll to see who goes first! Then the game begins:

Travel across our mini-map to gain coins. Land on a blue space and you will receive 5 coins, but land on a red space and you will lose 5 coins. If you land on a green space you get to roll again!

Collect as many coins as possible to buy stars from Toad at the end of the mini-map.

After each turn you will get to play one of our random mini-games.

Win the games to collect more coins!

Collect 20 coins and reach the end of the map and buy a Power Star from Toad. You only have 5 turns during the game, so grab as many Power Stars as you can!

But remember, even if you don’t get any Power Stars, you might earn a BONUS STAR at the end of the game!


Image result for power star gif

Have the most Power Stars at the end of 5 turns and you will become the SUPER STAR; winning our coveted Golden Plunger!


So grab your friends, come cheer on your favorite characters and laugh your butt off at the Mario Party Game Show!

“The Mario Party Game Show will take place Saturday, April 28th at 4:15 PM in the Main Stage Room”


    1. Yes! Though we are only taking 8 contestants he might be one of them. It’s also a great show to watch. We have a few video game tournaments such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. that he can participate in during the weekend too.

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