Pawsplay Doggie Show!


Get ready for the cutest, fluffiest cosplay show to walk on four legs. It’s Pawsplay, the Cosplay Doggie Show! Those cute pups from the Raleigh County Humane Society wanted to get in on the fun of Causeacon by cosplaying themselves. They will be sporting different costumes on our Main Stage for everyone to see!


Come join us for a cosplay show like you’ve never seen before. We encourage you to come watch the show and cheer for your favorite pup! You can even meet and greet the dogs after the show and adopt them! This show is brought to you by the Realgih County Humane Society who’s goal is to bring awareness to the public that these animals need good homes and people to look after and care for them.


Here’s a little information about the Ralegh County Humane Society who is putting on this amazing event:


The Humane Society of Raleigh County, Inc. is a non-profit organization which has been serving people and pets since 1979. Its mission is to prevent animal abuse and neglect. Located in Beckley, the county seat of Raleigh County, WV, the society’s shelter staff provides adoption opportunities and public education. By agreement with the Raleigh County Commission and the City of Beckley, the Humane Society enforces state and local laws pertaining to animals but is not a government agency.


Our organization was formed in 1979 for the express goal and objective to promote humane treatment of animals by way of education, humane animal population control, and humane care for injured, homeless, stray, and lost animals.


The Humane Society of Raleigh County envisions a community in which animal cruelty and overpopulation are eradicated and where all companion animals have compassionate and loving permanent homes.

*NOTICE* This event is for the Humane Society dogs only, do not bring your own pets to Causeacon, they will not be let in.


  1. cacadmin

    Hello Axe! We don’t allow guests to bring their own dogs to the Cosplay Doggie Show, however if you have a service dog you will have to check with the convention center to see if they are allowed. If they are I think it would be a good idea to keep your service dog away from the dog show on Saturday morning due to the other dogs and smells.

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