Final Form Fusion Returns!

Causeacon is excited to welcome back Final Form Fusion, the best performance group on the con circuit!

Final Form Fusion is an award-winning troupe of professionally trained belly dancers brought together by a longing to express their mutual love of geek culture through music and dance. Assembled in the autumn of 2016, their mission is to create electric productions encompassing multiple genres, including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, video games, and more!

Their accomplished and versatile performers will charm and captivate the crowd, providing unique, family friendly entertainment and making your event a stand out experience.

Meet the Dancers:



​​Hi, I’m Arcana, and I’m your friendly, neighborhood geek-of-all-genres! I’m into everything from books to anime to comics to cult shows to music to art to Pathfinder and so many things in between. I’ve been a gamer since the days of the NES, and continue to spend a healthy portion of my free time either gaming myself or watching playthroughs and streams. If I’m not yelling at pixels, you’ll find me working on my art, gallivanting around outside, or dancing.

I took an interest in belly dance in my teens, and studied on and off until I fell in love with Egyptian cabaret. My repertoire has since expanded to include several other other styles over the years, and I really enjoy sharing my own interpretation of music and dance.

My quest now is to combine my love of all things nerdy and my love of dance; thankfully, I have partied up with a fantastic group of ladies, and we will soon be rescuing the townspeople from the mundane with our unique spin on belly dance!


​​I’m Brittany! I’m also known around the internet as Advancing Wall of DOOM and sometimes LeSinge. My video gaming all began as a toddler when I began to play my parents Atari 2600. My family gave me a Super Nintendo when I was four and little gamer Brittany was born. I successfully became an anime nerd as a teenager (commonly referred to as “weeaboo” or “weeb”). I attended my first convention in 2009 and became hooked on cosplay. The hobby inspired me (or forced me) to become better at sewing and crafting. My background in gaming and cosplay also inspired me to begin a (usually) regular stream on Twitch.

I’ve been involved in various kinds of dancing throughout my life but I picked up belly dance around 2014. My background is in Tribal Fusion and American Cabaret. This began as a hobby to get some exercise. However, it’s a hobby that has completely changed how I see myself and the world. I hope to spread everything wonderful I find in belly dance AND nerd/geek culture to you!


Asalamu Alaikum!
My name is Laurelei, and I have been studying and performing MENAT dance since 2005. My bellydance dance background is in Egyptian Oriental and Tribal Fusion styles, and I’m always looking to learn something new! I began my dance journey when I fell in love with Egyptian and Lebanese pop music, and for me, the music of the Middle-East, Anatolia, and North Africa is just as important as the movement itself. I consider myself a guest within this artform, not a resident, and respect, knowledge, and a willingness to continue to learn are of the utmost importance to me.

I became a self-identified geek back when I was around four years old. I played through A Link to the Past with my grandfather, and to this day the both of us are huge Zelda fans. I also love anime and manga, and among my favorite series are Magic Knight Rayearth, Dragonball Z, and Sailor Moon.It is my belief that fandom and the movement arts can be combined into one with theatricality, thoughtfulness, and fun—truly, there is something in the bellydance world for everyone. I hope that my love for all things dance and geek will translate into an entertaining experience for you!


Salutations friends!
​My name is Aleia and I am a nerd.  I have been an avid gamer since the SNES (and Windows 95) days. I love Zelda, King’s Quest, and more recently, Smite and Skyrim.

I also love art, costuming, and finding new ways to express creativity.I was introduced to bellydance about 10 years ago, and have been pursuing it more in depth for the last few years.

Nothing has made more of an impression on me as fan than Final Fantasy VI. I was drawn into the rich story and characters, but it was Nobuo Uematsu’s score that truly shaped my love of video games. For me it has always been about the music and I’m excited to explore my favorite scores through dance with an amazing troupe of ladies.


I began belly dancing in 2010 on a whim because the class was offered at my gym. I fell in love. Most of my instruction has been in a more traditional Egyptian forms and American Cabaret. When I moved, I began taking tribal fusion and American tribal style classes. Because of this, I’ve developed an appreciation for several styles and enjoy looking at new ways to combine and explore these dance movements.

I’ve been a nerd since I could remember (and probably before then). My cosplaying began when I used to run around in my mom’s white robe with the ends secured to my wrists so I could pretend to be Storm. I like to think the quality of my costuming has improved as my enjoyment for it has increased. I love to make my own costumes (both belly dance and cosplay) and have taught classes on belly dance costume construction.

I’m excited to share my enthusiasm for all of my hobbies, and Final Form Fusion is the perfect way to express that love.


I first learned to bellydance in 2010 (with Nadeen), and have been dancing off and on ever since.  Primarily I have been trained in traditional Egyptian and American cabaret, but have dabbled recently in learning fusion, and am always excited to learn new styles!

​As far back as I can remember, I have always been a nerd of many things. Starting as a child, my Halloween costumes were always hand made and I learned the art of DIY. From art, music, hand crafting, reading, and fan girling over TV shows/movies (manga and anime included) to gaming, teaching myself special effects makeup, face and body painting… I have way too many hobbies! Being part of Final Form Fusion allows me to make use of most of them though, and by fusing them together I hope to bring further joy to the various worlds of nerd-dom and dance!


Hi, I’m Tessa!  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t playing or watching someone play video games. Survival horror and adventure games are my favorite, and I like the strategy and storylines in games that give me an escape from normal, everyday life.

My belly dance journey began in 2013 when an awesome friend of mine suggested we take a class for fun and exercise – it was so much more than I expected and I fell in love with everything about it. I continued taking classes whenever I could, and when this group was formed, I couldn’t resist being a part of it. It is so much fun performing for people who can appreciate the music and the stories told through our dancing!

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