The Talented Matthew Atchley

Matthew Atchley is a celebrity artist known for his hand drawn intricately detailed illustrations. His subjects span across all fandoms and different forms of pop culture including characters from popular TV, film, comics, and more. Matthew has recently announced his partnership with actor Sean Astin. They have begun to produce a political cartoon series together with Sean writing and Matthew illustrating.
He has created artwork for several actors from The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Breaking Bad, Arrow, The Flash, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, and Napoleon Dynamite to just name a few. Matthew appears at comic conventions and events as a special guest all across the country. His artwork has also graced book covers, company logos, and art gallery walls. He was recently ranked in 4th place in an international poll for Best Portrait Artist by the Spacie Awards. His entire portfolio as well as media from his past shows can be found at his website ‪

Matthew Atchley is part of our V.I.P. Gold Pass in which you can meet him privately! He will also be hosting a few panels during the convention and have a booth set up with his art for display and sale.


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