Be A Hero

Be A Hero at Summersville Lake!

As a way to recognize Domestic Violence Awareness month, the Women’s Resource Center held the “Be a Hero” event at the Summersville Retreat and Lighthouse.

Kidquest, Children’s Home Society, Child Advocacy Center, New River CTC Browning Social Services students, SCTV, city, county and state police for Nicholas County, Jan Care EMTs and firefighters from Nicholas Co. were all present.

Kids were encouraged to come dressed as their favorite super heroes while getting to meet some real life ones, as county and state law enforcement officers and local fire and EMS crews were in attendance.

“One of the things that we did tonight, when we planned this, is we actually wanted to have a salute to the first responders, the firemen, the people that actually go out, the police officers, and deal with these situations,” Nicholas County prosecuting attorney Jonathan Sweeney said. “And they’re here in recognition for the work that they do here in the community.”

And although the event is meant to be a lot of fun, it will take on a more somber tone as the names of 21 victims of domestic violence are read aloud and remembered, during a candlelight vigil.

“When it comes to shining a light on and addressing issues like bullying, domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault, it takes a village. That was what was present at our “Be A Hero” event in Nicholas County. Local heroes, organizations, students, community members and even a superhero were present to take a stand against these epidemic issues in our society. They affect all of us and it is going to take all of us to end them”
– Dee Sizemore, PR/FR Development Coordinator, Women’s Resource Center

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